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Agriculture Science Center


General Rules and Regulations

  The Azle ISD Agricultural Center is an educational facility of the Azle Public Schools.  Operation of the center is conducted through the Azle High School Agricultural Sciences Department for the purpose of curriculum enhancement and assistance in meeting state mandated SAE requirements.  The purpose of this contract is to standardize the rules and regulations concerning student use of the facilities.  Your responsible attitude in abiding by these rules will help insure your part in enriching the learning experience for everyone.  The following rules are in force.  Any new rules that may become necessary will be effective immediately upon notification of the students by the Agricultural Science teacher(s).

  1. ALL SCHOOL RULES will apply for all students, adults, and guests.  State law prohibits the possession and use of alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, controlled substances, tobacco and firearms on school property.  All violations will be reported.  Profane and abusive language and sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.
  2. The abuse of an animal by a student or adult will result in the student being required to remove their animal.
  3. All projects to be kept at the Agricultural Science Center must be approved by the Ag Science teacher who will assign a pen where livestock projects are to be kept AFTER application has been approved and ALL fees paid.  There will be a deposit/ rental fee required before any project is allowed at the Agricultural Science Center.  This deposit will be returned only when the assigned project area has been properly cleaned to meet Ag Science teacher’s specifications by March 17th.   
  4. Students will use pens that are assigned them and will not move their animal(s) without permission of the Ag Science teacher.
  5. Students will be responsible for the care and feeding of their project EVERY day at the required times.  Students who do not properly care for their project will be required to remove it from the Agricultural Science Center.  Students may trade out feeding and care responsibilities during vacations and on holidays.  It is still their responsibility that the project be properly cared for.
  6. The cleanliness and sanitation of the Agricultural Science Center is the direct responsibility of every single person who has a project.  The teacher will assign specific duties.  Failure to carry out assigned duties will result in disciplinary action and/or eviction.
  7. No items may be stored in the students assigned area/animal pen.  Students with pigs, sheep, and/or goats will be required to have any personal items stored inside a seal-able barrel in the assigned storeroom.  No personal items will be allowed to be stored outside this area. Feed must be kept in a protected container to discourage pest infestation in this area. It is suggested to purchase a lockable barrel for feed and personal item storage.
  8. Anyone responsible for defacing the facilities or equipment at the Agricultural Science Center will face the same disciplinary action as defacing any school property and may be held financially responsible. 
  9. All vehicles are to remain parked until the student has finished his/her work and is ready to leave the center. Inappropriate operation of any vehicle will not be tolerated.
  10. Horse play and loitering are prohibited at the Agricultural Science Center.  The center is not a hangout!  Take care of your business and leave.
  11. The facility will be open from 6:00 9:00 p.m. daily.  No persons may be at the facility during any other times.
  12. No dogs allowed on the property.
  13. Feed, health care and other normal costs are the responsibility of the student.
  14. Insurance for projects kept at the Agricultural Science Center is not maintained by the school district, Agricultural Science department, FFA chapter or Ag Science teacher.  They are not liable for any losses, injuries and/or damages incurred to persons,projects and/or property.
  15. Any accident or safety hazard is to be reported immediately to the Ag Science teacher.
  16. If you, an FFA member, bring a guest to the Agricultural Science Center, then you are responsible for their actions.
  17. Parents/guardians are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their child while they are at the Agricultural Science Center.
  18. Male animals capable of reproduction will not be allowed at the Agricultural Science Center. (i.e. Bull, boar,stallion, ram, buck)
  19. Students must be “eligible” according to the state and district guidelines in order to participate in any livestock show during the school year.  The student must be eligible by state and district guidelines at the time the agricultural teachers leave the project center for the show with the animals, or date of activity.
  20. Students will commute to and from the livestock shows with the agricultural science instructor, or in other authorized transportation.  The student will remain with his/her project at the livestock show until the animal is delivered to the appropriate destination.
  21. Students are strongly encouraged to secure a buyer for his/her animal in the event the animal does not qualify for a premium sale. It is further required that the student and parent assist in the solicitation of individuals/businesses to participate in the premium sale at the Tarrant County Livestock Show, and/or fundraising activities related to this show by the Azle FFA Alumni Support Group.
  22. If a student fails to abide by these rules and regulations, the following steps will be taken:
  • FIRST OFFENSE: Student will be warned and possible disciplinary action will be taken.
  • SECOND OFFENSE: Student, teacher, and parent will hold a conference.  This may include disciplinary action.
  • THIRD OFFENSE: Student will be required to remove his/her project(s) from the center. Following student and parent notification of a third offense, if an animal is not removed from the Agricultural Science Center within 48 hours, the animal will be sold at market.  Any expenses incurred, including transportation and handling cost will be deducted from the sale proceeds and remaining money if any will be forwarded to the student.
  1. Ag Science teacher (s) reserves the right to deny his/ her signature to any livestock show entry, or transportation to livestock shows, for violations of these rules/guidelines.
  2. Any outstanding debts, i.e., vet bills, feed bills, etc. incurred by the student in the raising of the project, must be paid, before the instructors can release payment from the sale of the project.
  3. During the year, the instructor reserves the right to add or amend these guidelines and rules as needed to comply or conform to new and changing laws or rules established by the State of Texas, livestock shows, Azle ISD, or departmental policy.


Possible disciplinary action that may be incurred shall include: written reprimand, infraction referral to appropriate principal and/or special work assignments.

Azle Public Schools

Agricultural Science Center





Fee Use Schedule

Effective January 1, 2014


Deposit will be returned when the Ag Science teacher(s) have determined that the pen has been cleaned and all other duties have been accomplished.

MUST be cleaned by June 23, 2014



Sheep/goat, pen


Swine, pen



All usage fees are due at the time the application is turned in.  The $50 deposit will be returned to the student only if the pen is returned to its original state and all other duties have been accomplished as set forth by the Ag Science teacher (s) by March 17th,2018.



Azle FFA Project Center Rules and Application Elizabeth Slough 1/8/2014 33 KB



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