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Animal Projects

SupervisedAgriculture Experience

Livestock Program

Participation in the livestock program is strictly voluntary.  Students are NOT required to take part in this activity. ALL STUDENTS WHO DO CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE MUST ATTEND A MANDATORY MEETING WITH THEIR PARENTS/GUARDIANS WHICH IS HELD IN January.

Animals are purchased by the students who are responsible for housing, feed, veterinary bills, entry fees,any equipment needed and any other expenses which should arise.  Students can choose to purchase the animals themselves or allow the chapter advisors to purchase them using student funds.  If the student buys them, it is strongly advised that advisors be included in the purchase so that the proper type of animal is purchased.  Breeding or market animals may be purchased.  Breeding animals are females which could be used for producing additional animals.  Market animals’ purpose is to be added to the food supply.  None of these animals should be considered pets.  They ARE NOT pets.  Be prepared because animals of sufficient quality to compete in livestock shows cost more than the current market price. 

Participating in the livestock program requires a time commitment. Animals may take up 2 – 3 hours a day. No other activities can be used as an excuse when living animals depend on the student for daily feed, water and exercise.  Advisors are not tolerant of neglected animals.   If a student cannot make that type of time commitment, DO NOT participate. Advisors reserve the right to disqualify a student from participating in livestock production activities.

Most students who do purchase animals participate in livestock shows. Just like all other extracurricular activities, students must be eligible to participate.  All stock shows have rules that exclude students who do not make passing grades.  Animals cannot go without the students.  After all of the stock shows have concluded animals must be removed from Agriculture Center.  Students are responsible for this.  Advisors will sell the animal if it is not removed by the end of the Parker County Junior Livestock Show.  Students will receive whatever money the advisor receives minus any outstanding fees or expenses.  Please note that the value of the animal at this time will NOT be as high as when the animal was purchased. 

Parents must also be aware that students who do participate in the Parker County Junior Livestock show may or may not qualify for the livestock auction. Animals that do not should be sold at floor price (market price) at the show.  The auction price a student receives is dependent on the success of the Azle FFA Alumni.  Parents are encouraged to participate in this group.  

The advisors will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Remember, parents and students MUST attend the mandatory meeting onlivestock which is held in January. 








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SAEP-Animal Projects

(All cost information is approximate and for information purposes only!)


Animal Species                Approximate                             Feed Costs                       Purchase Date                                                   Purchase Price

Market Hog                     $300 to $500                             $300 - $500                     September                         

Market Goat                    $300 to $500                             $200-$300                       August                   

Market Lamb                   $250 to $750                             $200-$300                       August                   

*Market Broilers              $1.50 to $2.00 each                   $150 - $200                     February                        

*Market Turkeys              $6.00 each

*Market Rabbits              $30 to $50 per                            $50- $75                                                                       

*Market Broilers              $1.50 to $2.00 each                   $150 - $200                     February                        

*Market Steers

*Market Heifers    

*These projects currently require facilities that are not available at the Ag Center.  If you have the facilities, then these may be considered.                                      




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